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Gus L. Faulkner

Gus originally hails from the charming small town of Holland, Michigan. He became an EMT directly out of high school, but his goal was to become a firefighter / Paramedic. He moved to Florida to realize that dream, then later joined the USAR (urban search and rescue) Team and became an advanced trauma life support Instructor for the state. After moving into the executive protection field as a team medic, serving private clients on dozens of details around the world, he left the public safety and emergency setting to create a string of his own companies. In 2020, after a deadly string of Tornadoes devastated his community in Tennessee, he found himself back in the field, assisting local sheriffs departments and first responders to search and rescue and continued to source and supply PPE equipment and supplies to people in the towns heavily affected by tornadoes. Following this, the need extended to towns that had been hit by COVID-19. Gus reached out to his friends and created an NGO to give back to the community.

Steven Hackney

Steven has always been an entrepreneur, starting his first business at the age of 18. After getting his degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of North Texas, he began to work in international commodities training, opening multiple importing and exporting businesses in the US and the UK. Through trade manufacturing, Steven has built strong business relationships in Asia, and owns a manufacturing company in India that has grown exponentially and is vastly expanding. With 4 factories in Delhi, Steven has been able to provide 770 jobs in skilled fields directing quality PPE manufacturing. Steven believes his employees are the backbone of his company, and when COVID-19 caused mass job loss globally, he took the opportunity to train and convert them into specialty laborers, creating garments and textiles to provide PPE on the front line for practitioners.

Kareem Marmosh, MD

Dr. Marmosh, a Medical Consultant and former Physician. After practicing medicine for a few years, Dr. Marmosh felt the pull of his business side and transitioned into medical consulting. Focusing on revenue growth, capital equipment, software, strategical and tactical planning, operations assessment, productivity improvement, technology assessment and asset planning. Once established, Dr. Marmosh saw a greater need for physicians to understand finances, as it relates to financing, capital equipment, return on investment, identifying improvement opportunities and devising sustainable integrated solutions. Dr. Marmosh has a proven track record of leveraging expert financial and analysis acumen, strategic planning, operational assessments, and enterprise-wide capital planning. Dr. Marmosh has procured medical equipment and PPE to Fortune 100 Companies and hospitals all around the world, pre and during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Teara Kilmer

Teara Kilmer has over 15 years in business and management consulting with diversified experience in product development, procurement of PPE, operations and sales focusing on people, process, technologies and health. She has exposure to varied areas of the workers compensation and healthcare industries. Proven track record of applying lean management and six sigma methodologies into a high-volume contact center environment. Solution-oriented leader who drives profitable client relationships and bottom-line results. She has the proven ability to solve complex problems, manage crises and enable people to accomplish difficult tasks. Ms. Kilmer is particularly skilled in putting together the right project management process and leading its implementation. She leads by example in the belief that people do their best when truly given the chance to do so.