What Is the Main Use of Wearing Disposable Scrub Top & Bottoms?

Medical scrubs provide adequate protection against bodily fluids. High-quality medical scrubs are made of fabric thick enough to prevent a patient’s bodily fluids from making direct contact with the wearer’s skin.

Pros & Cons of Wearing Scrubs?


Comfort: Scrub clothes come in a variety of comfortable fabrics.

Design: Scrub suits are made to provide maximum comfort and maneuverability, allowing nurses and others to perform their tasks without constraints. Scrubs also come in shapes and sizes to comfortably fit any body type.

Identification: Many organizations utilize different color scrubs to identify various departments within the hospital or facility.

Protection: Scrub manufacturers are able to produce medical scrubs that protect against bacteria and other types of infections.

Laundry: Scrubs are designed with materials that do not easily pick up dirt and grime, but when they do they are easily laundered to sterilize and remove blood stains.


Sanitary Habit: The cons argument regarding scrubs is more about hygienic practices than issues with the scrubs themselves. How many of us bring an extra set of clothes to work and change at the end of our shift? If not, that means you are still wearing scrubs and potentially bringing part of your work home with you.